Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Why It Was Okay For Fernando Tatis JR To Swing On a 3-0 Count

 A lot of dos and don'ts in the unwritten rules of baseball and swinging on a 3-0 count is something you don't do.  In my article I'm going to show you why it was okay for Tatis JR to break an unwritten rule that has put a lot of heat on him.

As you can see the bases were loaded and San Diego was up by 7 runs in the top half of the eighth inning.  The Padres doesn't have the best bullpen in the MLB.  Matter of fact, their bullpen has an ERA of 6.19.  The Phillies, the Giants, the Mariners, and the Reds are the only teams that have a worst bullpen ERA than the Padres.

Fernando Tatis JR is the best batter on the Padres and one of the better batters in the league.  Heading into the at bat the Padres had the bases loaded and Tatis was tied with Mike Trout with 10 homeruns on the season.  Knowing how bad the bullpen is you clearly want to put yourself into a situation where you can have an increased chance of winning the game and you do not want to take this opportunity out of your best hitter.  If Tatis JR takes a 3-0 count you risk him not getting another good pitch to swing at and you also risk losing the game considering you don't have the best bullpen in the league.  

During the game Tatis JR already had a 3 run homerun, he stole third base, and he made a good defensive play when he made an over the shoulder running catch in Center Field.  Knowing he's the best hitter on the team and knowing the bases were loaded he was probably told to look for a certain pitch. 

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