Thursday, June 13, 2019

Bash Brothers 2019

Remember when Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco would terrorize pitching staffs with their bats?  In 1986 Canseco had 33 home runs in his rookie season then in 1987 McGwire had 49 home runs in his rookie season. Jose Canseco had 31 home runs that year.  In 1988 Canseco hit 42 home runs and had 40 stolen bags to become the first major league baseball player with a 40/40 season.   McGwire had 32 home runs that year.  The A's would appear in the World Series in 1988 only to lose to the Los Angeles Dodgers in 5 games.  In the ALCS Canseco had 3 home runs and McGwire had 1 home run.  In the World Series both McGwire and Canseco had 1 home run.  In 1989 Canseco had 17 home runs and McGwire had 33 home runs.  In the 1989 ALCS Canseco and McGwire both had a home and in the world series Canseco had a home run.  In 1990 Mark McGwire had 39 home runs and Jose Canseco had 37 home runs.  Canseco and McGwire didn't have any homeruns in the 1990 ALCS and Canseco would be the only one of the two monster hitters to have a home run in the 1990 World Series.  In 1991 McGwire had 22 homeruns and Canseco had 44 homeruns.  1992 would be the final year for Canseco and McGwire in Oakland together since Canseco was traded to the Texas Rangers towards the end of the 1992 season.  McGwire had 42 homeruns that year and Canseco had 26 homeruns that year.  They were the bash brothers in their time.  Now, the question is who are the bash brothers of 2019?  My rules are they have to be on the same team, both hitters have to be the top two home run leaders for their team, and both hitters have to have at least 15 home runs so far this year.  Only 38 hitters have at least 15 homeruns so far this year and I don't know about you but I want my bash brothers terrorizing pitching staffs like McGwire and Canseco did.

Eduardo Escobar 17 homeruns
Ketel Marte 17 homeruns

Freddie Freeman 18 homeruns
Ronald Acuna JR 15 homeruns

Chicago Cubs:
Javier Baez 17 homeruns
Anthony Rizzo 17 homeruns

Cincinnati Reds:
Derek Dietrich 17 homeruns
Eugenio Suarez 15 homeruns

Colorado Rockies:
Nolan Arenado 17 homeruns
Trevor Story 15 homeruns

Houston Astros:
Alex Bergman 18 homeruns
George Springer 17 homeruns

Los Angeles Angles:
Mike Trout 18 homeruns
Tony La Stella 15 homeruns

Los Angeles Dodgers:
Cody Bellinger 20 homeruns
Joc Peterson 18 homeruns
Max Muncy 15 homeruns
Since Muncy had the minimum requirements I chose to add him to the rare trio version of bash brothers

Milwaukee Brewers:
Christian Yelich 25 homeruns
Mike Moustakas 21 homeruns
Yasmani Grandal 15 homeruns

Minnesota Twins
Eddie Rosario 18 homeruns
Max Kepler 16 homeruns

New York Yankees:
Gary Sanchez 20 homeruns
Luke Voit 16 homeruns

San Diego Padres:
Franmil Reyes 19 homeruns
Hunter Renfroe 18 homeruns

Seattle Mariners:
Edwin Encarnacion 21 homeruns
Daniel Vogelbach 17 homeruns
Mitch Habniger 15 homeruns

Top Five Teams Homeruns:
Minnesota Twins 130 homeruns
Seattle Mariners 129 homeruns
Milwaukee Brewers 121 homeruns
Houston Astros 110 homeruns
Chicago Cubs 108 homeruns

Looking at this list it's obvious that Milwaukee has this year's bash brothers.  As I was writing this article I was looking at my notes and the standings and one thing that sparked my eye was the fact that Seattle can rake.  It's unfortunate that they're in last place in their division with that offense.  Another thing that sparked my eye was the fact that the Twins are leading MLB in homeruns and not one player has at least 20 homeruns.  It's also interesting that Gary Sanchez has 20 homeruns in only 48 games. 

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