Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Ronald Acuna JR

The Atlanta Braves are rolling and I'm here to tell you why their most recent call up and their most recent signing will get them back into the playoffs this year.

Before I get to who they called up and who they signed let me get to who they have.  Behind the plate they have Kurt Suzuki and Tyler Flowers.  Kurt Suzuki is hitting .327 and already has 4 home runs.  Suzuki also have 3 doubles on the year.  Tyler Flowers started the year on the disabled list and is set to start his rehab assignment in Triple A today.  At first base the Braves have Freddie Freeman who is a beast at the plate.  Freeman already has 4 home runs and 8 doubles plus he's hitting .296.  At second base Atlanta has Ozzie Albies who is probably the most underrated second baseman in all of baseball.  Ozzie is hitting .274, has 6 home runs, 2 triple, and 9 doubles.  At shortstop the Braves have Dansby Swanson who like Albies is clearly underrated.  Swanson is currently hitting .326, has 2 home runs, has 2 stolen bases, has 1 triple, and hit 8 doubles.  Right now at third base the Braves has Ryan Flaherty.  Flaherty is hitting .313, has 1 home run, 5 doubles, and 3 stolen bases.  From my knowledge the only reason why the Braves picked up Ryan Flaherty is so Rio Ruiz can get more at bats in the minors.  In Right Field the Braves have Nick Markakas.  Markakas is hitting .310, has 3 home runs, and 5 doubles.  At Center Field the Braves currently have Ender Inciarte who is hitting .258, has no home runs, 2 doubles, and 7 stolen bases.  The Braves have Preston Tucker in left field.  Tucker is hitting .254, has 3 home runs, and has 6 doubles.

Now that I was able to show you who Atlanta has in their everyday lineup I'm here to show you where Atlanta's new call up will fit in the Braves lineup and what I'm expecting from him.  The Atlanta Braves new call up is Ronald Acuna JR.  Ronald Acuna JR has got off to a slow start but let's not worry about what he's done this year in terms of batting average which is only .232 in the minors.  He already has 1 homeruns, 2 doubles, and 4 stolen bases.  In 2015 he hit .269, had 4 home runs, 4 triples, 14 doubles, and stole 16 bases.  In 2016 Acuna hit .312, had 4 home runs, 2 triples, 2 doubles, and stole 14 bases.  In 2017 he hit for .325, had 21 home runs, 8 triples, 31 doubles, and stole 44 bases.  This year in spring training he proved that he can hit against big league pitching and steal against big league catching as he hit .432, had 4 home runs, 1 double, and stole 4 bases.  Looking at Acuna's numbers I expect him to play center field.  He's a threat on the base path with his speed and he can probably be a threat at the plate with his power.  He would make a good lead off or even 2 hole hitter.

The new Atlanta Braves signed player Jose Bautista what is there to say about him?  The guy can hit for power and that'll be another plus in the Braves power lineup.  The thing about this lineup is that Bautista doesn't even have to come in and have the pressure of being a 3 hole hitter.  He can probably come in and bat lower in the lineup and produce as a 5th or 6th in the order hitter.  There are plenty of talks about Bautista coming in and playing at 3rd so that will be interesting to see how he fairs at that position. 

With as good as this lineup is I'm going to show you why this team can be good for years to come after this year is over.  The Braves new call up is only 20 years old, Freddie Freeman is 28 years old, Ozzie Albies is 21, Dansby Swanson is 24, Ender Inciarte is 27, and Preston Tucker is 27.  One guy who is about to be called up as well some time this year Rio Ruiz who is 23.

I'm loving what the Braves can do this year and looking at how young these players are if you can lock up the youth for years to come that's 7 position players who aren't even 30 and are very talented which is a good formula for a possible dynasty in years to come.

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