Monday, March 19, 2018

Week 1 Recap

The opening weekend of the NCAA Basketball Tournament could be described as insane and memorable for many teams.  We also saw a lot of history and a lot of success from teams who we would never thought success would come from.  With a little help from God I will tell you every thing you need to know about the round of 64 and the round of 32.

Round of 64:
On the first day of the tournament there were 2 upsets along with a broken streak that stood out:
Loyola Chicago defeated the Miami Hurricanes on a last second shot.   It was their first tournament win since 1985. 
The team also had a little help from the pray of America's grandma sister Jean Dolores Schmidt

Arizona's basketball team may not of had the help from sister Jean but they did have a huge upset on the first day of action when they destroyed Arizona.

Kentucky may not of been an underdog but they did something they haven't done in more than 29 years which is to not hit a 3 point shot.  They finished the day on Thursday 0-6 beyond the arch.
The second day of the tournament saw a couple more upsets.  One of them not only had the world talking but they were roasting everyone as well.
Remember We Are Marshall about their football team?  Their basketball team took it to heart as they won their opening round match against Wichita State to get the first upset of the day.
Syracuse also got an upset as they upset TCU.
The biggest upset of the day was probably the biggest upset of all time.  For the first time ever a 16 seed defeated a 1 seed as UMBC defeated Virginia. After the game UMBC started roasting everyone on twitter.

With everything big that happened in the first round the second round can't possibly be as entertaining right? Hold my drink.
Loyola Chicago would win on another last second shot against Tennessee, Michigan defeated Houston on a last second shot, and Florida vs Texas Tech came down to the final shot.  Kansas and Gonzaga also won close games.  When I think opening weekend I think blow outs.  I'll get to those blowouts later in this article.

On Sunday the opening weekend ended with a bang.  Purdue won their game by 3 without their big man, Syracuse pulled off another upset as they defeated Michigan ST, Texas A&M handed North Carolina their worst loss in the history of the tournament, Nevada would have the biggest comeback in the history as they came back from 22 down midway in the second half to defeat Cincinnati, Florida ST came back from 12 points down against Xavier, and UMBC put up a fight as they loss by 7 to Kansas ST.

Blowouts are expected in the opening weekend matchups and I'm here to tell you who stood out by blowing teams out. 
Tennessee against Wright ST
Kansas against Penn
Duke against Iona
Villanova against Radford

Buffalo against Arizona was probably the most talked about blowout considering they weren't even supposed to compete against Arizona.

Purdue against Cal ST Fullerton

UMBC against Virginia I don't think anyone saw that coming

Villanova against Alabama
Duke against Rhode Island
Kentucky against Buffalo

Clemson against Auburn
West Virginia against Marshall

Texas A&M against North Carolina a lot of people had North Carolina winning the tournament so when they get blown out of the water in the round of 32 it's pretty big.

Teams who earned love:
Loyola Chicago earned love with their last second shots to keep advancing.  Doesn't help when you have a nun on the team making your prayers.

Michigan had every reason to have their heads down with 7 seconds left in the game when they sent Houston to the free throw line and down by 2 and when they hit the game winning shot they certainly earned my love.

It seems like their isn't a lot of respect for Texas A&M or anyone from the SEC.  Kentucky is in a good position to advance to the final 4 and Texas A&M seems to be winning against really good teams this year.  They defeated West Virginia earlier in the year when no one had them ranked and they destroyed North Carolina when no one had them getting passed the weekend.  Time to start loving up on The Aggies and the Wild Cats.

When you win games not once but twice and are down by at least ten points in both of those games how can you not earn some love.  Nevada was down by 14 against Texas and was down by 22 against Cincinnati.  How can Nevada not be loved.

Florida ST also earned my love by coming out on top against Xavier even though they were down by 12.

Back on the map:
Syracuse wasn't on a lot of maps or radars this year so getting back to the sweet 16 should put Syracuse back on people's map.

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