Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Eventful night in the NHL

The Pittsburgh Penguins didn't let politics or political difference stop them from visiting the White House and Trump was excited. 
The Nashville Predators were able to do something they haven't been able to do before and that's raise their own championship banner.
Las Vegas came together tonight not in tragedy but to watch a hockey team of their own.  There wasn't shots of bullets fired at men and women but shots of pucks were fired at goalies in hoping to hit the back of the nets.  The city of Las Vegas wasn't in sorrow but instead it was a joyful event.  Good job Las Vegas for showing support and for coming together on this eventful night and see their own professional team play on their home ice.
Today wasn't about protesting or crying because of some political difference, but to celebrate something joyful.  Vegas has their own team, Nashville raised a conference title banner, and the Penguins were able to continue a sports tradition in visiting the White House. 
Thank you NHL for putting politics aside and for keeping hockey on the ice and politics off the ice. 

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