Monday, February 6, 2017

Thank You Paul Pierce

February 5th, 1999 a legend made his debut in a Celtics uniform.  A legend who debuted with 19 points.

Paul Pierce played 15 seasons with the Celtics.  In those 15 seasons he would make 10 All Star games, he totaled 24,000 points, and he won an NBA Title.

He may have been a visitor in Boston yesterday, but it was like home again one last time.  Before the game he would kiss the Celtics logo at half court and with 11 seconds to go he would drain a three.  The fans in Boston gave him a huge standing ovation when they introduced him before the game and after the game the fans gave him another standing ovation.  During a time out during the first quarter there was a tribute to say thanks to a legend who would wear a Celtics uniform.

Moments like this is what makes sports so great.  Yea, the competition is there, but to go out in another team's uniform after playing for one team for 15 years and still get the respect he got was heart felt.

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