Thursday, January 26, 2017

Nadal One Win Away From Renewing A Rival

In 2006 the tennis world had all of their eyes on Roger Federer.  He was the best tennis player in the world.  Then came Rafael Nadal who defeated him in the French Open and started what would be a rival of the ages.
In the French Open Nadal won 3 sets to 1.  In the Wimbeldon of 2006 Federer won 3 sets to 1.  In 2007 Nadal won the French Open in 4 sets and Federer won Wimbledon in a five set classic.
In 2008 Rafael took both the French Open and Wimbledon.  He took the French Open in straight sets but the match in Wimbledon was another five set classic between the 2 in which was not only 5 sets but also was suspended due to dark and rain.
In 2009 the 2 met in the Australian Open final which went to Nadal in another 5 set classic.
If Rafael Nadal wins his match tonight it'll be the ninth time these 2 will meet in a Grand Slam Finals and these 2 are already down in history for what has been one of the greatest rivalries in the history of tennis.  Yea the Super Bowl is next week but, when it comes to rivalries in sports this is one of the best rivalries out there that has lasted more than 11 years and this weekend could feature what will be one of the most watched events in the history of sports.  Saturday night you'll want to set your DVR's if Nadal wins tonight because it will be another classic.  You don't have to like tennis to enjoy a rivalry like this.  If you love sports you'll enjoy another chapter in what has been a rivalry of the ages and these 2 are known for their rivalry on the biggest stage which has come in the finals of grand slam finals.

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