Friday, August 26, 2016

Best Quarterback Wide Receiver Combos

With AJ Ellis being traded to the Phillies from the Dodgers one of baseball's greatest pitching catching combos saw its unexpected divorce.  Well, after watching that go down I wanted to look at the best wide receiver quarterback combos that the NFL has seen and look at what wouldn't happen had these combinations did not happen:

Phillip Rivers to Antonio Gates
This combination accumulated for 63 touchdowns,

Johnny Unitas to Raymond Berry
This combination accumulated for 64 touchdowns

Joe Montana to Jerry Rice
This combination accumulated for 67 touchdowns

Brett Favre to Antonio Freeman
This combination accumulated for 67 touchdowns

Drew Brees to Marques Colston
This combination accumulated for 67 touchdowns

Jim Kelly to Andre Reed
This combination accumulated for 71 touchdowns

Peyton Manning to Reggie Wayne
This combination accumulated for 76 touchdowns

Dan Marino to Mark Clayton
This combination accumulated for 82 touchdowns

Steve Young to Jerry Rice
This combination accumulated for 92 touchdowns

Peyton Manning to Marvin Harrison
This combination accumulated for 118 touchdowns

In baseball you look at some of the best pitchers and with some of those pitchers you had a catcher who was the pitcher's best friend and knew how to call him.  In football you have quarterbacks and receivers who put up numbers and worked great as a unit.  You never know which quarterback or receiver will be traded but just know without a perfect combination there would be no great quarterback and there would be no great receiver.  Timing is everything and these 2 has to not only know eachother's routes but they have to know exactly where the ball is going to be thrown and when the ball will be thrown.

Why AJ Ellis Being Traded Will Be Bad For The Dodgers

Words cannot describe how upset I would be if I was a Dodger fan 
They just traded AJ Ellis to the Phillies for Carlos Ruiz
AJ Ellis caught Clayton Kershaw's last 800 innings
Clayton Kershaw's ERA in that span was a 1.97 ERA
You don't mess with Kershaw by trading the guy who is his catcher
You don't mess with Jordan by trading Scottie Pippin
You don't mess with that
Look at pitcher catcher relationships in baseball that had success
Greg Maddux had his better success when backup catcher Eddie Perez was behind the dish. Maddux's record with Perez was 75-29 and his ERA was 1.97 with a strike out to walk ratio of 7
Stephan Strasburg has been through many catchers and the one who seems to be the tamer of the lion happens to be Wilson Ramos. Strasburg has an ERA under 2 when Ramos is calling games
When RA Dicky was traded to the Blue Jays part of the deal that was also traded to the Blue Jays was JR Arencibia who is probably the only catcher who not only can catch RA Dicky's knuckleballs but he can do so without wearing a cup
On the last Yankees World Series run AJ Burnett only got along with one catcher and no it wasn't Jorge Posada it was Jose Molinia. Burnett's opponents batting average was .270 when Jorge was behind the dish and when Molina was behind the dish calling games his opponents batting average was at .221
When the Chicago Cubs signed Jon Lester they also brought in David Ross. Look at Lester's stats with Ross behind the plate. Lester's ERA was 2.77 and in his 4 post season games he posted an ERA of 1.33
As you can see it takes a good catcher to make a good pitcher and with AJ Ellis being traded to the Phillies it will be tough on Kershaw.