Monday, April 18, 2016

Phillies Pitching

One thing that I heard among the talk shows in baseball were how good the Phillies pitching is and I nearly spit out my soda and screamed what? Weren't they supposed to be one of the worst teams in baseball this year?  So, like every numbers person I put the Phillies to the test with their pitching.  ERA:
Nationals 2.06
Cubs 2.42
Dodgers 3.10
Mets 3.25
Phillies 3.86

Okay, so I thought to myself "they're not giving up that many earned runs" They must be good.
A lot of people love strikeouts so are they striking people out?
Coming into today they're leading the National League in strikeouts with 128 k's.  Next team behind them were the San Diego Padres with 113 k's.

Not allowing many earned runs, and the strikeouts are there.  How about opponents batting average.
Cubs .201
Dodgers .202
Nationals .207
Phillies .219

I'm telling you guys this Phillies team is no joke.  Now, to my final stat that I wanted to look at.  The Whip.  That's walks plus hits per inning.
Cubs 0.93
Dodgers 1.01
Nationals 1.05
Phillies 1.14

As a staff you're in the top five in every major category I'd say the Phillies are a contender if their pitching can keep these numbers.  You wanna get to October, you wanna win a world series? You do it with pitching and the Phillies pitching are among the best in the National League.  Citizens Bank Park is a hitters ball park and if you can come to Citizens Bank Park and pitch then you're doing something right and so far I'm digging this Phillies pitching staff.

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