Thursday, December 3, 2015

Market for Johnny Cueto

It was reported yesterday that Johnny Cueto turned down an offer worth $120 million by the Diamondbacks.  If you looked at his numbers after being traded to the Royals you'll see that maybe he isn't worth big time money, but if you look at his numbers you'll think otherwise.  Unless you're Clayton Kershaw you don't have an ERA lower than Johnny Cueto, and to add a resume he's also an inning eater and he throws a lot of strike outs.  Also, if you look at run prevention he's up there with the best considering he's in the top five in run prevention.  Maybe Arizona ups their ante or a team like the Cardinals would be in the mix.  It's scary to think that ST Louis would need someone to help them continue to win, but their rotation has a lot of holes and a pitcher like Cueto would fill that need.  Once Greinke comes off the market the other 2 pitchers left on my top four would be Samarzija and Cueto, so teams would go after them hard.  Other good teams that needs pitching would be the Giants, I feel like the Blue Jays could use depth in their rotation, and the Yankees could use starting rotation depth.

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