Monday, February 9, 2015

Why James Shields Fits In San Diego

The San Diego Padres just signed James Shields this morning. Shields lives in San Diego and he also wanted to pitch somewhere close to home so I'm gonna show everyone why he and the Padres were a good fit.

San Diego didn't get rid of their top three prospects to get Shields. A lot of rumors were floating around during the off season about Hamels going to San Diego in a trade which would've meant giving up a lot of prospects along with eating up a $96 million contract which is how much Philadelphia owes Cole Hamels so that makes the Phillies a loser in this signing.

If you look at the Padres starting rotation now you can probably think of them as a top ten rotation now. This team gave up a franchise low in terms of runs allowed and they just got a veteran in Shields. Their rotation now consists of James Shields, Andrew Cashner, Tyson Ross, Ian Kennedy, Josh Johnson, and Brandon Morrow.

James Shields has had success with small market teams. You have to remember that he helped lead the Royals who are a small market team and the Rays who are also a small market team to the World Series. One in 09 and the other last season.

This signing for the Padres completes what has been an aggressive offseason for the Padres. They already got Justin Upton and Matt Kemp so as you can see the Padres are ready to win now.

Another point to give out there is the fact that Ian Kennedy can become a free agent next year and in 2 years Andrew Cashner can go elsewhere so if you think about it this signing gives the Padres a bit of protection in case they decide to go elsewhere.

In the next 2 years the Padres will have a lot of money coming off of their books. Next year Justing Upton, Ian Kennedy, Joaquin Benoit, Carlos Quentin, Will Venable, Cory Luebke, Shawn Kelley, Brandon Morrow, and Josh Johnson can become free agents. In 2 years Andrew Cashner and Cameron Maybin can become free agents. This will give the Padres money to spend and still able to have Kemp and Shields.

Moving forward the bulk of the payroll will be Shields and Kemp who'll be owed a combined $36 million per year so San Diego will most likely be building around them in the next couple of years.

You have a better team this year who'll compete, you have your prospects in tact, you have players to build around, and you have a lot of money coming off the books for possibly another big name or two next year.

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