Sunday, July 27, 2014

Baseball's heros

The hall of fame has it's heroes of the game, legends, and men who gave it all.
Bobby Cox is known for his years in Atlanta with the Braves. He taught his team on pitching, not throwing hard but location and movement and being able to command each part of the strike zone. He also encouraged his players. You may not be able to have an era of 3 for the year but go out for the day and have an era under there for that day. You may not be able to hit over 300 for the year but go out and hit 300 for the week. He gave his players encouragement every day. He gave his players confidence to go out and perform for the day.
Greg Maddox was a genius on the mound. His pitches had a lot of movement that had you in awe. It wasn't about the movement at the beginning of the pitch but the movement at the end of each pitch was something that not many pitchers could do in his time. He didn't beat you with his speed but he beat you with his control.
Tom Glaven was a master at locating pitches on all parts of the strike zone. He'd get inside hitters heads. He could beat you inside, he could beat you outside, and he could beat you on the lower half of the plate.
Frank Thomas was the master of the strike zone as a hitter. If it was in the strike zone he'd hit it. Pitchers tried to freeze him inside and he'd hit that inside pitch out. He was fun to watch and he always brought excitement to the game.
Tony LaRussa managed three teams. He lead the White Sox to a division title, he lead the A's to a world series, and he led the Cardinals to 2 world series titles. He was a great manager and a chess player. He'd use different relievers in different situations. He did a great job at pitching matchups. He also kept his teams in fighting modes and made sure they continued to work hard.
Joe Torrie was a winner. He got to manage a lot of great players during his time with the Yankees. Noone will have the amount of playoff wins as he did. You may not be a fan of the evil empire but you respected what he did as a manager. He had a lot of heart and players would love to play for him.
Each of these men who were inducted into the hall today had love for the game and they worked hard at what they did. They did things the right way. They were leaders, they were dedicated, and they had passion. They put that confidence in players, and they put that love in the game.