Wednesday, July 16, 2014

SEC Media days

The questions, the stories, the predictions, the media circus of the south, the coaches, the star athletes all Took part of the SEC media days this week. I loved how when will muschamp of Florida was asked about comparing his team to last year's auburn team he said that he'll only be looking at his team and how he can improve. Florida is one of few schools out east returning the starting quarterback. Florida is also looking to compete for a division title. It'll be tough for them though considering they got Alabama and lsu on their schedule.
Not many people were going to war along side with the eagle last year and auburn Took home the SEC could lsu do the same this year without the pressure to do well?
Nick Saban is such a great recruiter that Steve spurior called him the greatest recruiter of all time. That's saying something. It'll also be interesting to see how Texas A&M can perform without Johnny football behind center.