Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hill Of A Weekend Through 2 Full Days

If your last name is Hill you're probably doing good in college football.

On Thursday night Kenny Hill had a career game and it was only his first start at quarterback. He threw for 511 passing yards, which was a school record for Texas A&M, was 44-60, and threw 3 touchdowns. All of the talk was around him.

Last night we saw a pair of Hills perform well. Running back Nick Hill ran the ball 11 yards, rushed for 49 yards, and had 2 rushing touchdowns. The other Hill, Tyson Hill showed his arm and legs last night. He was 28-36, threw for 308 passing yards, and threw 3 touchdowns. On the ground, he had 12 carries, ran for 97 yards, and had 2 rushing touchdowns.

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